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Interview with Tanya Wright at BOOK EXPO on Self Publishing

Posted on the 25 May 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

True Blood’s Tanya Wright, our own Deputy Kenya Jones, is heavily promoting her new book “Butterfly Rising“. Not only is her book in print, but now it’s available as an “ebook”. Today at Book EXPO America in New York City Mercy Pilkington conducted an exclusive interview with Tanya and Maria Murnane on their new eBooks!

Interview with Tanya Wright at BOOK EXPO on self publishing

The ladies were attending Book Expo promoting Create Space and talking about their adventures in the world of self-publishing. Mercy talked to them extensively about their new books and why they decided to go the self-publishing route. Both of them had very different stories and found success in totally different ways.

Tanya Wright talked about wanting more creative freedom to write her book. She talks about how sometimes she is a bit of a control freak and wanted to be apart of the entire process. She also mentions on how self-publishing allows her more freedom in exposing her books on as many sites as possible without having to be locked down to a specific publisher. Her recent book Butterfly Rising was picked up to be a feature film.


source: goodereader.com

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