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Interview with Sonja Ter Horst from Love Like Hate

Posted on the 13 May 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


Following the release of their latest EP Unnoticed, Brisbane dark pop duo, Love Like Hate are about to begin their English Summer Tour, before they’re off to headline a tour in the UK. Tomatrax caught up with Sonja Ter Horst from the band to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
Heather and I have known each other for a lifetime, though previously to Love Like Hate, Heather had moved through a few other music projects including performing solo. One night we were with mutual friends having a few drinks who were talking about starting another musical venture with Heather. Though a little later on, after a few more wines and persuasion from Heather to play the piano, we just started jamming and both loved the sound, hence the birth of Love Like Hate.

Where did the name Love Like Hate come from?
Heather came up with the name and we both liked the play of words and the meaning behind it.

You received a lot of critical acclaim for your first EP, did it make you feel any pressure putting this latest EP together?
We didn’t really think about it at the time, mainly because we had split the recording of the songs over two EP’s instead of one album due to the cost to record. For Unnoticed, we did bump in a few new songs and didn’t have a session drummer, so we explored electronic beats and undertones, which was very different from the Rabbit Hole EP. However as most of the songs were written at the same time as Rabbit Hole, they remained true to that time of writing, whilst we grew our sound. I think there is also a luxury in being independent that the pressure is probably very different, for us it’s very internalised wanting to create the sound right for ourselves rather than worrying about making a commercial record. But it is always nice when someone writes something positive about your work.

What made you pick Unnoticed as the title track?
The EP is dedicated to a good friend Sean Bates who passed away, with the title track being the song dedicated to him.

What was the inspiration behind the video for Unnoticed?
We decided to film the clip ourselves to capture the movement and energy of traveling on tour. We wanted the viewer to be an onlooker through the behind the scenes travels, playing with the themes of being remembered and ‘unnoticed’. The end clip is where I wrote Sean’s name on the Berlin Wall on the anniversary of his passing on his favorite mural.

What was the inspiration behind the heart style cover for the EP?
The artwork for all our EPs is by an amazing artist, Rosanne Kenny. It was actually a draft idea for the Electric Ships single, though we loved it so much that we decided to keep it for the EP cover as the theme of the heart worked so well with theme behind the title of the album.

You’re about to play a few shows round Australia, what can fans expect from these shows?
We are really excited about playing these upcoming shows and have our session drummer Stephen Birt along for the ride, who played with us for our Rabbit Hole tour. Ultimately our shows are about the music, Heather playing electric guitar and me on piano, the theater is in the sound for our music.

You’ve said that you’ll be returning to the studio after your upcoming tours, can you shed any light on what your next release will be like?
We are really excited about heading back into the studio again with Lachlan Mitchell, he is an amazing producer who we trust as he understands what we want to create and has been instrumental in helping us achieve the delivery of our recorded sound since our first EP. I’m really excited about combining what we did on the first EP which was a lot more acoustic with the electronic of the second and finding something really unique in the middle. There are songs we play live now that will definitely find their way onto the album.

As a two piece is it hard to achieve the sounds you are after in your music?
I think essentially the sound is true to what we are wanting to express, the combination of piano and electric guitar. The world of electronic sounds did open up a new doorway for us to find the bridge that we are sometimes looking for. As a live performance it can sometimes be a push and a pull to deliver, so sometimes we invite other musicians for live shows to help fill the spaces.

You toured round Europe last year, what was it like to play in places like Berlin and Paris?
Berlin was one of our favorite shows, especially as we didn’t realize that the night of our show was the World Cup with Germany vs Brazil playing the semi-final. I didn’t realize how much national pride this event takes over the country. But we were playing in an underground cellar to a really attentive audience squeezed in and you could hear the sounds of feet stamping on the timber floors above, though in between the game, people would race come down the narrow stairs case pop their heads in to listen and then race back up. That would never happen in Australia having people appreciate both art and sport simultaneously.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
We listen to our own music once the recording process is finished and like many artists it is mostly listened to with a critical ear to make sure it is the sound you wanted to achieve.

What other music do you listen to?
I listen to a range of artists including The Kills, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Bat For Lashes, there is always a cd floating around on the floor of my car.

MAY – JULY 2015
With special guests

Dates below. Check out Love Like Hate’s website to find out more!

With Emma Wall & The Urban Folk, Dear Buffalo and Sally Dastey
Free event

Supporting Nova & the Experience
Free event

With Native Cats and EWAH & The Vision of Paradise
Tickets available at door

Free event – afternoon show

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