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Interview with Sesh Lamb

Posted on the 06 September 2021 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU

Interview with Sesh Lamb

Sesh Lamb are a new Melbourne based band who have just put out their first song on Triple J's Unearthed.

Tomatrax came out from hibernation briefly to ask the band a few questions.

How did the band form?

We met while studying music at high school. From there we started playing gigs around Melbourne with bands like The Valiants and Tudor Club, and now, a year later, we have released our first single!

Where did the name Sesh Lamb come from?
You've just released a track on Triple J's Unearthed page, has this had an impact on your music's exposure?

We went through a lot of names trying to come up with something but couldn't get anywhere. At our first gig the band we were supporting asked us our name. Henry suggested the name 'Sesh Lamb' temporarily, but It stuck!

What made you pick 'Not in your nature' as your first offering?
https://www.triplejunearthed.com/embed/10636056 Are there any plans for an EP or LP release?

Yes! We ended up reaching #5 on the Unearthed charts and a couple of weeks ago we were played on the independent radio station 3DMR!

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?
Do you ever listen to your own music?
What music do you listen to?
Now that you've put out your first track what do you have planned next?
Check out Sesh Lamb's Facebook page to find out more!

Out of all our songs we decided to release 'Not in your Nature' because we felt like it was the song that audiences liked best when we played it live, so we thought we may as well head into the studio and record it.

We are planning to release another single in the very near future and an EP further down the track.

We write songs together in our jam sessions. Will writes the lyrics, sometimes ten minutes before we get on stage!

We usually only listen to our own music when we are listening back during the writing and recording process.

We all listen to different genres. Will listens to a bit of metal, Sami is big on classical, Thom likes jazz, and Henry enjoys country.

We plan on releasing another single hopefully early next year. We will also continue playing gigs around Melbourne.

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