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Interview with Peter Black from the Hard Ons

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


Yesterday we featured an interview with Ray Ahn from the Hard-Ons, in support of their latest album Peel me like a egg. Following this, Peter (Blackie) Black decided to also answer the questions. So here is the interview again, with questions answered by Blackie!

It’s 30 years since your inaugural live concert, did you think you’d be around for this long when you played that concert?
no of course not who plans these things and for that long!!?? But.. as I got more and more involved with music the more and more i love it and the more and more i wanna do it! i would like to think i,m gonna play music till i kark it.. fingers crossed..

What made you pick Peel me like an egg as the title track?
I didn’t i let Ray do all the art work and he picked the title

Your latest album has been described as your most adventurous, was that the intention when you started writing the album?
I NEVER have intentions except to make the best music possible. as soon as you start planning / over thinking / whatevering your art is compromised..

It is also your first album with drummer Murray Ruse, how has it been with a new member in the band?

You recently played shows in Argentina, how did that go?
that was incredible! what a place what wonderful people!

Given your large back catalogue, is it hard to pick what you play at your shows?
not for me i always wanna play whats new.. i know a lot of people think that’s selfish so ya have to make concessions and pick some oldies.. picking oldies can be fun too but they have to be rotated.. ya never really know what you feel like until the night..

You recently released deluxe re-issues of your back catalogue, what was it like to have your previous work re-released?

The re-releases have a lot of bonus material, how did you pick what to include as the bonus material?
as music nerds our selves we know what we like when we buy reissues with bonus stuff from our fave bands so our approach was similar .. demo’s, live and unreleased tracks are usually what us nerds dig so we search for stuff like that
You’ve also been working on a new Nunchukka Superfly album, how does making music for Nunchukka Superfly compare with making music for the Hard Ons?
Hard Ons have a certain parameter where as Nunchukka don’t.. nunchukka is way more freer in approach and a artistic joy.. Hard Ons is more a challenge cause i want to keep it “Hard Onsey” but pushing those parameters..
if that doesn’t make sense come back in another coffee

When you write music do you know whether it will be a Hard-Ons or Nunchukka Superfly song?
yes I’m not stoopid

Across your music you cover various styles of rock from pop, to punk to metal, is there any musical style you’ve wanted to cover but are yet to?

yes.. I’m trying to learn more programs and refresh my keyboard skills to attempt sound track kinda stuff.. did a few pieces like that on solo releases and wanna push that
Do the Hard Ons have anything else planned for this year?

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