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Interview with Mike De Vries, COO

Posted on the 27 November 2023 by Worldwide @thedomains

Today I interviewed Mike De Vries the COO of a company that provides escrow services and it should be noted an advertiser here at

I wanted to get some insights into the company and Mike took the time to answer the questions below.

Q1) Can you tell us a little about as far as services offered, and what you do to make sure both parties have a successful transaction?

Answer is a single platform to purchase cryptocurrencies, buy products and make use of escrow services. Users of gain access to premium crypto escrow services. Each escrow officer helps to coordinate the transaction to ensure users have 100% peace of mind.

Q2) What assurances do customers have that the information they
provide is secure?

Answer: We only gather information needed for a safe transaction, nothing more. We do not share ANY customer information with 3rd parties.

Q3) Are there countries where you cannot do business?

Answer: The countries that are heavily sanctioned are not able to use’s services.

Q4) Do you provide a Domain Concierge Service similar to that holds the domain securely in your registrar account throughout the transaction and guarantees delivery? If not what steps do you take to make sure the buyer provides feedback on delivery so the seller can get paid?

Answer: At first, we wanted concierge service to be a must for every single transaction but then we decided not to do it because of extra fees. If customers do not want to use our concierge service, then, our customer reps will have to confirm if the transfer takes place or not. Until now, we have never had a negative experience about the

Q5) Which forms of payment can be used to pay at

Answer: Available payment methods are major crypto currencies (BTC, ETH and USDT. Additional crypto currencies will be added in the future) and wire transfer.

Q6) Do you have safeguards in place to make sure you never co-mingle funds?

Answer: Here in, the process is:

1- The seller chooses how he’d like to get paid: If it’s crypto, the
sellers have to choose to get paid whether it’s USDT, BTC or ETH,
nothing else.

2- Once a transaction is initiated, automatically, there’s also a
crypto wallet address created ONLY for that specific transaction. So,
that wallet address is only used for the specific transaction.

It is impossible to co-mingle funds in a wallet address that’s used in
a transaction because that wallet address is only used for that
specific transaction.

Q7) Do you have any escrow licenses and if so where?

Answer: We have a license in Canada for “dealing in virtual currencies”, you can see the details by clicking

Q8) Can customers buy and sell more than just domain names?

Answer: Whereas end-users are not able to upload/list/sell material goods such as watches, cars, real estate, yachts, etc. These kinds of things are being sold at marketplace from the vendors where the products come from. End-users can upload/list/sell digital products such as domain names, social media user accounts, handles, etc. You can see recent escrow transactions by clicking

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