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Interview With L.K. Thayer

By Aprylskies @edgarandlenores
Interview with LK Thayer:

Interview With L.K. Thayer
1. What inspires you the most?

Art, photography, playing with words, other great artists, singers, dancers, painters, musicians, poets, all walks of life!

2. Who are some of your favorite writers past or present? Why?

Charles Bukowski, Anne Sexton are my 2 favorites. The raw truthfulness of their experience, their bravery inspires me. Pablo Neruda, Henry Miller, too many to name!

3. How would you describe your poetry? 

Hard hitting, edgy, lyrical, emotional, at times humorous & witty! (hopefully)

4. What is the best advice you have to offer new writers?

Be fearless, write from your gut experience & write what you see and feel around you, take it all in, as my teacher Jack Grapes would say  "find your deep voice." 

5. In regards to your writing, what do you feel are your strengths? weaknesses?

Weakness, I don't read or write enough...strength would be I have a good ear and am very musical, I love playing with words!

6. How would you describe the ideal moment/place for writing? EX: Do you like it quiet? Do you listen to music? Do you type or write on paper? Do prefer to write indoors or outside? (This might seem like a weird question but I would like to know :)

For me I work best in complete silence, even music can distract my train of thought...I am extremely sensitive to noise so I need as much peace and solitude as possible. Everyone is different that way...

7. You are a photographer as well. How do these two mediums connect? How are they different? 

I find poetry in photography & photography or visual images in poetry. They compliment each other. Each is detail oriented, visual, sensual, both are tremendously has my by the throat right now...and I hope it never lets go! I have great passion for both.

8.What has been the highlight of your writing experience? 
Being able to perform & read my poetry around Los Angeles, crreatingmy poetry website The Juice Bar and studying with my writing teacher Jack Grapes and the people in my class are priceless!

9. What goals do you have for the future?

I need to get more books going...self publish or be published.

10. You have a book coming out, Whores Don't Kiss, Please tell us a little about this?

Well, I'm still editing it, it's a process, I had photos with it first,now I think it will just be's the title of one of my poems.I grew up in Hollywood since I was 20 and "Whores Don't Kiss" means, you don't have to give it all away, save something for yourself...

11. Where can we read more of your work? See you perform?

You can always read my work on The Juice Bar I will be reading Jan. 14th with "Poetry In Motion" at Beyond Baroque...I'm reading this Friday night with "Girls Just Wanna Write Poems", me, Eve Brandstein & Susan Hayden, great poets, but I have to look up where!!

L. K. (Lisa) Thayer - The Juice Bar by L.K. Thayer 

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