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Interview with Lisa Caruso

Posted on the 19 July 2019 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
Interview with Lisa Caruso

Since impressing Australian audiences with brooding track 'Shake Baby Shake' in November
last year, the song about invisible illness, Sydney's Lisa Caruso has returned with her latest single 'Borrow my body' to feature on her forthcoming album.

Tomatrax caught up with Lisa to talk about her music.

You've just released your latest single, how does it feel to have it out?

Yeh really good. There's something very nice and relaxed about this third single. I've gone with the flow and haven't needed to kill many more brain cells (as an independent artist) in the process. Practice makes perfect right? It did also help that the single isn't 'high energy'. I'm not sure that I'll have many more opportunities to lye in a bath on set.

What made you pick 'Borrow my body' as your latest single?

I wanted to give audiences another little sneak into the album. Introducing another shade, I also felt like it was the most appropriate 'winter' release for us here in Oz. It delivers its best sentiment in the colder months, I think.

Where did you get the idea to play in a stairwell in the video?

After deciding on the location, we needed to find a space to shoot this 'performance' scene. I wanted it to feel different, but to also tie into the narrative. I love old Art Deco spaces, and didn't have to think twice about the stairwell. It gave us so much scope to express the ache.

What was it like working with guitarist Benjamin Fletcher

The best. Good man.

You have your debut album planned for out later this year, how has that been going?

Very good. We're almost there. There has been a few delays along the way because of poor health which frustrated the crap out me at the time, but now I see it was a sweet opportunity to treat each track like a single release. I'd actually love to keep going as I am, but I think it's time to just get them all out so I can focus on the next album.

How will the album compare with the work you've put out thus far?

I think that this album has a lot of scope and is bolder than my first EP. I wanted it to scream all the emotions. Years have passed too, so I can better articulate what I want to hear. It's been a dream arrangement wise, and the team has also been vital in executing the tracks this way. Massive thanks and appreciation to them. It's also nice to hear that the songwriting lends themselves to a certain style. I played a solo show the other night and had someone comment that my set made them think of Mullholland Drive and PJ Harvey. Spot on.

You've got a bit of a backlog of songs you've previously performed live but not released, will any of these make it onto the album?

Yes. The songs on the album are ones that rose to the top as I worked on them in live settings over the years. It was cool to get a sense from the audience as to which ones resonated most. The truest ones always seem to rise to the surface.

Do you know what the album will be titled?

I do! But I will have to keep it a secret a little while longer...

Your previous single 'Shake baby shake' appeared on American NBC series 'Good Girls', how did that come about?

I'm very grateful for that and how they used it. The scene really embodies the mood and feeling of the song. I'm glad they could hear that too!

What do you have planned after the album's release?

More shows. I'd love to take it on the road. I'm also looking forward to starting on the next album. Feeling good and excited about that.

Check out Lisa Caruso's Facebook page to find out more!

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