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Interview with Danny Trejo Star of ‘Grand-Daddy Day Care’

Posted on the 07 February 2019 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

Grand-Daddy Day Care is the newest movie release in the Daddy Day Care series of movies. It is being released on February 5th with Danny Trejo (Machete) as one of its major stars. I was able to get some questions asked of Danny Trejo ahead of the movie’s release on DVD and Digital.

Interview with Danny Trejo star of ‘Grand-Daddy Day Care’The movie is about a man who has to deal with the fact that his father-in-law has moved into the house. In doing so, he discovers a way to help pay bills and find time to get his next novel written, a senior day care facility. Only things are not as easy as he assumed they would be.

Danny Trejo is one of the lead characters, playing the role of Eduardo, the father-in-law, who suffers from a form of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  However, he stars along with a whole host of actors who people may recognize from television, especially if you payed attention to television in the 80’s and 90’s. Some of these other actors are Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Julia Duffy (“Newhart”, “Designing Women”), James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China), George Wendt (“Cheers”), and Linda Gray (“Dallas”).

What was it to work with some of these great actors that we all recognize?

I have seen a lot of these talented stars on TV, and I got to work with them all at once, so it was amazing.

What drew you to this script and the character of Eduardo?

First of all, you have the message that I love, of taking care of senior citizens, and it touched on Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Reno Wilson (Transformers franchise) and I just hit it off. We are so good together!

What part of your character, Eduardo, do you think people will relate to the most?

That you can’t keep a good man down.

What do you feel was the most challenging part to making this movie come alive for viewers?

Not laughing during my lines, because it was just so funny. If I think something is funny, I laugh. When Reno is delivering his lines – I had to fight not to laugh.

Interview with Danny Trejo star of ‘Grand-Daddy Day Care’This being the third installment of the Day Care series, what is going to surprise people the most about this one?

The Grand-Daddy

With such a huge cast, who pulled the most pranks on set? And who embodied their character the most?

Reno Wilson – he is funny

Personally, I loved your character, Breacher, on “The Flash”, do you think you will ever have the chance to reprise the role? Or do you think Breacher’s time might have already passed?

No, one of the things they said was we gotta bring you back. Breacher was awesome.

What other projects are in the works for you, so that your fans are prepared for what’s to come?

Doing “Dora the Explorer”. I am the voice of Boots. “SpongeBob” – playing the role of Diablo the Pirate and I started my own record label – Trejo’s Music – with my album “Chicano Soul Shop Volume 1” dropping next month.

To see what I thought about the movie Grand-Daddy Day Care, please check out my review. This movie has been released straight to DVD and Digital so go get it right now.

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