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Interview with Boris Sujdovic from The Beasts

Posted on the 12 February 2019 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
Interview with Boris Sujdovic from The Beasts Former Beasts of Bourbon Kim Salmon, Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola and Tex Perkins have The Beasts album is about to be released, how does it feel to have it finished and almost out? reinvented themselves in a recorded project entitled 'The Beasts Still Here'. Tomatrax caught up with Boris to talk about the new project. It was said that with Still here " Songs weren ' t so much learned as ideas thrown together and recorded the moment they began to coalesce. " How does this compare to your approach to writing previous albums?

It ' s always good to have an album released. This means that all the background work about artwork, coordinating release dates, booking tours, photos and a million other questions are almost over and we can get down to playing it live.

Would you consider approaching future albums by arriving at the studio and working it out as you go?

Yeah we just got together in the studio and showed each other the songs, and learnt them on the spot. Usually the songs would be rehearsed a few times before you go into the studio.

The album also includes cover versions of songs from Frank Zappa and Warren Zevon, what inspired you to cover these artists for the album?

Yes, sometimes this approach works well, especially if you ' ve got confidence in the band members. With us, usually no one is telling anyone else what to play, so it works well.

If you could appear on any tribute album, who would you choose?

Tex usually comes up with some great ideas for covers. He must have a sixth sense about what would work for the Beasts, because these turned out great.

Well I ' m not sure about this one, because usually I don ' t think tribute albums work so I ' d be wary about appearing on any. Maybe a Captain Beefheart one.

To be honest, we were rushed and had to get everyone in the same city at the same time, so we had to mainly focus on where we could just shoot something that looked good. Obviously with clips it ' s better to think up ideas beforehand, but as with everything with this album it was mostly just made up as we went, which by the way is not necessarily a bad thing.​

ll be touring round Australia, next month, what can fans expect from your show?

We ' ll do new songs off the album and a whole lot of Beast of Bourbon classics from the previous records.

Are there any plans for any future Beasts albums?

What do you have planned after the upcoming to tour?

Not at this stage, but that doesn ' t mean we won ' t do another one.

Check out The Beasts' Facebook page to find out more!

We ' ve got some pressure to tour Europe, so we ' ll probably end up over there at some stage.

Performing tracks from the new album 'Still Here' and the Beasts Of Bourbon classics.
With Special Guests Dallas Crane (Melb), The Johnnys (Bris, NSW, ACT, SA shows) and The Painkillers (WA)

Thursday 21st February 2019 - Theatre Royal, Castlemaine - Tickets

Thursday 28th February 2019 - Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns - Tickets

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