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International Marketing

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Socialmediaevie @socialmediaevie
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Globalization and technology transform how produucts and services are marketed internationally. Cultural differences may require adaptation strategies over standardization strategies.

These are some of the concepts associated with international marketing:

1. Branding is central to the product’s perception. A strong brand name is a valuable asset in global markets. Brand names should not be offensive in foreign markets; they should be carefully researched.

2. Promotional strategies include: personal selling, advertising, public relations and direct marketing.

3. International Advertising across national boundaries is a sensitive issue. Companies can strive for consistency by standardizing the basic message and content.

4. Designing international distribution strategies is a trade-off between cost and the amount of required exposure. It can involve exclusive channels of intensive channels.

5. Pricing is influenced by production costs, purchasing power differences and fluctuating currency values.

6. Social Media builds social authority and helps a brand become more relevant. It may be used to disseminate information to a global audience instantaneously

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