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Interior Lifestyle Tokyo Design Fair

By Trendoffice @trendoffice

The Interior Lifestyle Tokyo  design fair  took place for 22nd time at the beginning of June. Minimalist and elegant style with quality craftsmanship and modern look at the same time - have a look at some of the interesting products presented at the fair that I have chosen:

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo Design Fair

Lamps by Shima Shima (source: Wallpaper)

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo Design Fair

Hexagonal cushions by Takaokaya (source: Wallpaper)

SIMPLEFORMSDESIG 01 pM 600x450 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2011: SIMPLEFORMSDESIGN




kaze (wind) lamp by Keiji Yoshihara

This beautiful lamp above is created with
"the technique of kumiko: creating pattern and form from precisely cut, interlocking strips of wood. While the method is over 800 years old, mechanical accuracy certainly helps to minimize the margin of error, freeing the designer to explore new possibilities for the process of 'weaving' the strips together.The kaze (wind) lamp has no glue or screws: the curvature is based on the infinitesimal angles at which each strip of hinoki (cypress) is cut. Yoshihara's description is succinct: "Bracketed wooden wall lamp shade made with the shape of 'wind' in mind." source: core77
Perfect craftsmanship! And great design - it is not only elegant, it creates a feeling of tranquility and harmony. I think that it can be THE example of modern green design we are looking for today, one that collects all the virtues of ancient crafts and modern requirements.
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