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Interior Design Trends for 2019 - Part 1: Materials

By Trendoffice @trendoffice
It is always interesting to know what is coming - in life in general, but also in our professional life, too. Interior design is an inspiring profession - we create the spaces we live, work and entertain in and we do our best to make them in such a way that everything there is much easier, more beautiful and fun to use. And that is a good reason to look for inspiration in the coming new trends and be informed for the best possibilities we can offer to our clients.
So, I expect that part of the trends that will be popular in the coming 2019 are based on classic, well-known materials and ideas and many other - on the new materials and ideas that we have discovered this year.

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arch. Aviram Kushmirski 

Brass is one of the materials that we rediscovered in the past few years and especially its new applications and, like copper earlier, we are going to use it more extensively in our interior design projects. 

Porcelain stoneware can now look like real onyx! And like other natural stones, too. My favorite is ULTRA ONICI: Interior Design Trends for 2019 - Part 1: Materials

"The extremely reduced 6mm thickness, together with the advanced Ultra technology, allows an appropriately powerful band of light to travel through the Onice Ultra slabs and backlight the material."!!!‎ source: archiproducts.com
 From the earlier discoveries in the field of interior design materials, I expect that we are going to continue to use extensively the terrazzo and discover more ways to do that.
And another one, very suitable especially for the cold winter days, is plush mohair velvet - it is one of the new materials that Tom Dixon studio  introduced in their production line this year along with high-textured materials like hand tufted wool:

Interior Design Trends for 2019 - Part 1: Materials

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