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Interesting Review of "Gun Control in the Third Reich" the Mother of All Nazi Analogies

Posted on the 13 November 2013 by Mikeb302000
New Republic Attempts to draw parallels between our political debates and Nazi Germany are, as isoften lamented, a dime a dozen in contemporary discourse. Rarely, however, do they run to more than 200 pages, plus bibliography. That distinction lies with a new book just published by the Independent Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Oakland: Stephen Halbrook’s Gun Control in the Third Reich. Oh no, you think. Oh yes, say the book’s marketers, who are not shy at all about framing the Nazi’s disarming of Jews and other political enemies as a giant, .950 caliber warning shot amid efforts in Washington and some states to pass new regulations on firearms. From the dust-jacket blurbs for the book: “It provides a timely reminder that self-defense and the right to bear arms are fundamental human rights.” — Robert Cottrol, George Washington University law professor
“Halbrook’s important research should inform our contemporary debate on gun control.”  — Steven Bowman,University of Cincinnati professor of Judaic Studies
“Everyone, including advocates of gun controls, should find this pioneering and thought-provoking book essential reading.” — James Jacobs, New York University law professor

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