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Interesting Psak: Wedding Rings for Men

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In the USA it is not uncommon for men, in the Orthodox community, In Israel it is far less common.
Rav Stav has issued a psak, which he wrote up in the new edition of Techumin, in which he says that while in some communities men should not rear rings, as there is no need to, but in other communities where the men work in mixed-gender environments, they should wear wedding rings to remind both them and the others around them that they are married and thereby avoid any unpleasant situations. And if the wife requests it, the husband should definitely respond positively.
source: INN
I've known people who have worn a ring for that very reason, some only putting the ring on when going to work or to the environment in which they feel it must be worn, though not wearing it when back home and in his regular social environment. Even though some do, in my experience I think most religious men in Israel still do not wear wedding rings, though I think I have noticed in increase in recent years..
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