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Interesting Psak: Raising the Roof

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to Kikar, the beis din of Beitar Ilit has issued a psak geared towards people doing renovations and construction during the winter season.
The rabbonim said that many residents have complained to them about neighbors and contractors doing construction - they remove the shingles from the roof or strip the insulation and waterproofing, leaving the properties exposed to water damage from the rain which also gets into the neighbors apartments and causes damage to the structures and to possessions within, and it makes their living conditions difficult..
People who do this are causing damage to their neighbors and great distress, so it is prohibited to remove roofs and/or insulation as the rainy season begins until the month of Nissan arrives, when it is reasonable to expect no more rain. Such construction can only be done if there is a way to seal things up in a way that guarantees rain will not get in. Neighbors in such a situation have full rights to complain and prevent or delay construction at these times. The beis din might even give neighbors permission to do anything in their power to prevent construction.
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