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Interesting Psak: No Mask? No Minyan!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Yitzchak Zilbershtein, rav of the Ramat Elchonon neighborhood of Bnei Braq was sent the following question by a resident of Modiin Ilit in the name of a group of residents looking for clarity.
The fellow asks that recently in Modiin Ilit people are starting to go to the shul and yeshiva and other places without wearing the required mask and without keeping the necessary distance. Some people have been calling the police on these violations, and they are doing so on Shabbos, saying that Rav Zilbershtein paskened so because of pikuach nefesh.
So, they asked, is this really the case - should the police be called on such people, and even on Shabbos?
Rav Zilbershtein responded that it is not necessary to call the police because there are other solutions that also work. 
Rav Zilbershtein recommended a solution that people should approach the offender not wearing a mask and tell him that if he does not immediately put on a mask the entire minyan will disband and he will be left without a minyan, and it will be on his head that everyone davened without a minyan. He will immediately put on a mask.
Rav Zilbershtein adds that this should be done during the week as well as on Shabbos.
Interesting Psak: no mask? no minyan!
It is an interesting solution, but what happens if it does not work? What happens if they are enough people that they have a minyan anyway even without those who leave in protest? Or they will just go to the next shul and try there with everyone else. Or what about in the yeshivas and kollels for learning where a minyan is not required - how will this threat be effective then? And what if some of the people wearing the masks don't care enough to leave and a minyan remains - the threat isn't overly effective. 
If the above solution isn't practical or effective, does the previous psak of calling the police come back into effect?
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