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Interesting Psak: Buying Fresh Chametz After Pesach Still Prohibited

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
What seems like it could be a very common problem happened in Bnei Braq the other day and is being treated as if it has never happened before.
A bakery opened shortly after the conclusion of Pesach, baked fresh bread and sold it. The next day some people discovered that one of the owners was in the United States of America for Pesach.
Interesting Psak: Buying Fresh Chametz After Pesach Still Prohibited
They asked Rav Sariel Rosenberg,  rav of the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Bnei Braq and son in law of Rav Nissim Karelitz, that because they bought the chametz, even though it was produced after Pesach in Israel but for the owner in America it was still Pesach, did they transgress the prohibition of chametz on pesach. Again, it was not Pesach in Israel, the bread was only baked after pesach, but the owner being in America could obviously not yet have bought back his chametz and if he did he owned chametz on Pesach which he would not be allowed to sell and buyers would not have been allowed to eat.
After much deliberation, Rav Rosenberg paskened that the buyers had transgressed the prohibition of benefiting from prohibited chametz.
(source: Kikar)
It seems like it should be a fairly common problem. Is this the first time a bakery owner went abroad for Pesach?  Usually when people travel abroad, if they inform the rabbi through whom they sell their chametz, they will be told to sign a different contract to cover the discrepancy in hours and dates and would then be aware not to open the bakery before a specific time, as per the unique contract. The repurchase of chametz for such a person (it is a lot of people, and is not so uncommon) might only happen the next day.
Anyways, the article does not say what he suggested they do regarding tshuva for the issur transgressed, nor does it say if he required them to kasher any dishes as a result of it.
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