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Interesting Psak: Bring the Children to Shul!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Technically right now in Israel shuls are open according to the Green Passport guidelines - only people vaccinated or recovered are allowed in. And in shuls numbers of people are limited, with the requirement of distancing and mask wearing.
I dont know any national numbers, but from what I see and what i have heard from other people, my impression is that in many/most Haredi shuls Corona is treated mostly as being behind us,  with children being allowed in, masks not enforced, etc. in National Religious shuls it seems to be keeping mostly with the rules of the Health Ministry, and because of that many are still having outdoor minyanim, because the children cannot go to shul.
A National Religious-affiliated shul representative posed a question to Rav Aryeh Stern, former Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, asking what to do with the children, if the rules of the Health Ministry should still be adhered to or if they should now be brought back to shul even against the rules.
Rav Stern replied saying that after seeing what is happening now in the streets of Jerusalem, we should immediately open the shuls to children under 16, and it is crucial.
It is unacceptable that all restrictions on children in schools have now been lifted, and they can also go to malls and restaurants with everyone together, both adults and children, but only in shuls children are still not allowed.
Now that it is no longer cold, the children should be in shul, and the windows should be left open with distancing and masks worn.source: Kipa
A confidante of the rav is quoted in Kikar saying that while by the Haredim this has been the situation already for a while, it is unusual among the Dati Leumi for an official call to act against the rules of the State.
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