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Interesting Psak: B&D Rice Cakes Are Not Kitniyot

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Elyakim Levanon, rav of the Shomron, has issued a psak stating that rice cakes from the company "Better and Different" can be eaten on pesach even by Ashkenazim and are not considered kitniyot.
Interesting Psak: B&D rice cakes are not kitniyotKitniyot is always a controversial topic, and nowadays we consider as kitniyot many things that were never before considered as such. The debates renew every year in the days leading up to pesach, and this psak is definitely unique and will not be accepted by many.
It should be stressed that Rav Levanon is only referring to the rice cakes made by Better and Different company, and not rice cakes of other companies.
Rav Levanon explains that he visited the factory and inspected the process of manufacture. From the moment the rice kernels leave the sacks until they are puffed, they do not come into any contact with water. As well, the rice is sifted and inspected. Rav Levanon sys that if you consider the Ashkenazi poskim's opinions on kitniyot and their concerns, this manufacturing process raises no questions or concerns about kitniyot. And, he adds, even those who prohibit, did not prohibit rice like this.
The rice cakes are labeled kosher for Pesach for those who eat kitniyot, but, according to Rav Levanon, even people who do not eat kitniyot on Pesach can eat them.
source: Kipa
I definitely won't be eating these rice cakes on Pesach, but I dont eat rice cakes all year round either.
What I do not understand from what he says is that even those who prohibit do not prohibit this rice. Why not? Did they differentiate in types of rice? If rice is kitniyot and prohibited, who cares how much you sift it or keep it away from water? And if keeping it away form water and sifting is good enough to circumvent the custom against eating kitniyot, why not eat many other forms of kitniyot that are banned, as long as you sift it and inspect it and keep it away from water?
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