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Interesting Posts #527

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

1. the mixed shul kiddush
2. Belzer Rebbe: avreichim should learn a profession while in kollel
3. marry younger, my son, marry younger
4. charedim and the gap
5. Tu bShvat and Jerusalem Transitions
6. origins of the Tu bshvat seder
7. RBS shul declared "politics free zone"
8. hagbah as a weight lifting contest
9. why people dont wear tcheiles
10. its none of our business (Caleb Jacoby)
11. book to the future
12. did Ibn Ezra meet the Rambam
13. interview with Glory, cashier and cook at Kinneret Kosher Pizza in Cleveland - interesting interview.
14. tshuva with a mehadrin fridge
15. the hard kind of kindness
16. it is not a spectator sport - good story
17. even the traffic signs are Jewish
18. girls just want to have fun
19. Artscroll promotes destruction of old chumashim
20 . Yair Lapid vs Israel's Chief Rabbis
21. raising an Israeli

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