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Interesting Posts #484

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
1. remarkable photos taken by a tank driver
2. the kiddush conundrum - this was just too funny to not post.. both the content and the comments..
3. resurrection of a biblical city
4. teaching students to summarize via twitter
5. Binah magazine has no binah
6. scoop on the kohen in a bag urban legend - interesting, but I am not sure it proves anything. Nobody claimed it was Cyprus Air. the original article said it was an airline flying from Europe (IIRC) that had to be diverted to make a stop in Cyprus and then flew to Israel. It might have been Cyprus Air, or it might not have been.
7. why no mizrahim on israel's banknotes?
8. how a young hassidish boy taught a lesson in ahavas yisrael
9. Israeli space invaders
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