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Inter-asia Roundtable 2011: Recycling Cities

By Asianurbanist @AsianUrbanist

Theme: Recycling Cities

University Hall, National University of Singapore,  Singapore

Cities are at once generators of waste of various kinds and key sites for innovative practices of reuse and recycling through which waste products become revalued. The Inter-Asia Roundtable 2011 will examine waste practices and products in urban Asia. Our framing of the Roundtable includes but also extends beyond conventional definitions of recycling (as making new products using materials from waste products). 

We apply recycling cities to new uses of existing urban space and material fabric and also to ways in which urban models, ideas and cultural practices are reworked over time. The two-day Roundtable will be comprised of five panels, each consisting of two sessions (one revolving around a presentation by an invited speaker and comments from two discussants, and the other an open discussion).


  • Plastics
  • E-Waste
  • Water
  • Informal Recycling Practices
  • Sustainable Urbanism

Follow the link for more information and registration: Inter-Asia Roundtable

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