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Instrumental “Tunes” Of A Caulbearer

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

instrumentI can without a doubt believe upon certain things and happenings in life even though I may have never experienced them yet at the same time through the specific experiences that I have had I know what is definite and what is possible.

That is why I often naturally talk through my own life and eyes because I cannot speak for anyone else but in my own personal knowing I am able to detect and make a reasonable judgment when I do come across others who are within my category or whom share a similarity.

So even If someone does not or was not to believe a situation or circumstance that one knows to have occurred that merely serves as a lesson to be taught. Just because of the doubt of another doesn’t make the outcome of a discovery any less of a reality.

I remember back in the nineties when one of my up in age cousins told my mother over the phone about how intelligent and enlightened that I was and how I kept becoming “And nothing is making her that way”, she concluded.

In other words my cousin was saying that I was not “typically” around anyone or going anywhere to learn and to pick up on these precise things that she was hearing from me at that period. She was giving me a compliment at the same time while she was astounded for me to naturally somehow be so well-informed and reasonable.

One of my mother’s friend’s had told me “I don’t know how you know the things that you know”, when I would speak to her casually about issues and/or tell her about what was going on out in the streets around my old neighborhood years ago. She was impressed with how accurate I was at reading people and situations things that other people in common only learned and discerned through their age and experience. She stated that I knew things that weren’t of a general nature things that people usually had to go through in order to know.

Yet caulbearers are old souls and we are wise in ways that people do not always appreciate.

I impart that is why I hated so many adults while I was growing up and had no respect for many of them because many of them were wrong about a lot of things and refused to hear otherwise they believed they knew more due to their age.

In reality, aside from age, awareness comes from the level that a person is on along with their experience. Many have lived yet have incorrectly evaluated most of their experiences.

Another cousin of mine expressed to me that after all of the things that I had been through in life how “It’s not doing anything to you”. And he was correct I wasn’t at all affected in any negative fashion in regards to the tribulations that many people in specific tried to inflict upon me. The negativity that others have thrown at and toward me is really just a true reflection of themselves and their own ignorance, insecurities and hang ups.

I did not ever let people’s bad energy envelop upon me and allow it to project around my life. A lot has to do with how one views life, what they believe in, and the type of individual they are and I never thought the way the rest of the world did. I have and am on my own wavelength.

“You’re a wizard”, one who’d known me as a child had said to me in the past. “Nobody taught you anything, you taught yourself. You have a gift, I watched you when you were a little kid”.

There are many of us who share within ourselves different forms of so called wizardry.

I am a wizard according to that person within my specific field of intellect, talent and spiritual ability, and to me, others are also wizards and masters of their own particular crafts and design and one doesn’t have to be born with a caul to hold these other kind of ingenuities. There are geniuses of technology, mathematics, science, music and so on, and nothing is too small whatever one is able to excel in.

As caulbearers of course we are mysteriously “In Tune” or “Tuned In” however one wants to phrase it. There is a link and connection not only unto the universe and spiritual realms but also unto and between divinities itself which intertwines to use us as vital instruments to manifest samples of its celestial energy.

Everyone has their own free will and how they decide to manage or utilize their talents and whichever road they are drawn to take.

Aside from the actual caul birth (facial attachment with the membrane) and the definite associated traits, there are no one complete set of rules that identity for an authentic caulbearer when it comes down to individual ability and/or behavior; however, there are very specific and unmistakable qualities that will inevitably demonstrate throughout a caulbearers life.

I have been “spotted” along with a few others by spiritual people of genuine intuitive ability yet I don’t know whether it is something that can be actually taught but rather “gathered” not everyone can make a determination so one just has to be able to “recognize” in order to detect a real person born of the caul/veil.

Stages Of A Caulbearer:

Warrior In The Midst(A Caulbearers Power):

Trance(Eyes Of A Caulbearer):

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