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Installation Diy Dog Fence

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Diy Dog Fence - An invisible fence pet dog kept within the limits of their property without putting up a real fence that can be unpleasant. An invisible fence is a wire running in a circuit that emits a high frequency sound and a slight shock requiring pets to stay within the limits; usually the pet wears a collar with a receiver for this to work. Diy dog fence is necessary to bury the cable so that it is not damaged by the animals or elements.

Installation Diy Dog Fence


Draw a diagram of your home and yard. Mark the limits you want your dog to stay inside. This should include not only the outer limits of the yard, but also plants or other objects to be protected. Surrounding the courtyard to mark its limits and then surround the other objects. Select and mark the location of the transmitter of the diy dog fence and draw another line representing the cable path from the transmitter to the outer limit. Draw a similar line surrounded the border to any object.


Most transmitters are designed to be mounted on a wall or similar structure. The transmitter must be near an electrical outlet where it can be plugged in and receive a steady supply of energy.

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