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Instagrammers Anonymous: Busy, Wet, Busy, Wet, Etc.

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

What has happened to this week? Last time I looked it was Monday morning, and now it’s Friday lunchtime! Clearly time flies when you’re really busy.

Thankfully I have an escapist weekend planned, so it will soon be all behind me. Saturday I’m off to Perthshire for the day (long story) and then on Sunday it’s a log overdue trip to St Andrews and seeing The Dark Knight Rises. But before all the excitement it’s time for the week in pictures: Instagrammers Anonymous.

According to Starbucks I’ve changed my name without realising. Although I guess it’s better than Graig or Graic which are the other versions they’ve tried lately (perhaps it’s time to revise my opinion of the whole name on your coffee thing).

Starbucks coffee cup
It’s poured with rain most of the week – this is what our bath looked like when everyone got home the other night.

Umbrellas drying in the bath.
The rain did stay away one evening, and then the sun shone! I went out for a cycle and took lots of photos – who said phones and cycling don’t go together? (on a deserted, cycle path, I feel obliged to add).
Bike moving along a track instagram

What ever you’re up to this weekend I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am to mine; and here’s hoping the rain stays away for at least some of it.


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