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By Sjay235 @naturalmommainm
I am a huge Instagram fan, and post endless streams of pictures of Isabelle and what we get up to. The pictures are all iPhone snaps, and they certainly aren't ever set up or posed - we just snap as we go.
Here are my 9 most recent uploads - 8 of them are of course of my girl! I snap her all day long, especially any of the inane things she gets up to, so here we have (starting top left):
1// Isabelle ready for 'work'
2// Her homeless look
3// Cinderella Jay
4// Stickerhead
5// Breaking free with baby
6// Popcorn!
7// Her first plaited pigtails
8// Her awesome hiding place...under the table cloth
9// Hula hoop fun
Instagram lately
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