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Inspired by Lissie: Special Dedication to My Blogging Sisters

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
Inspired by Lissie: Special Dedication to my Blogging Sisters
My first cool opportunity from blogging was being asked to attend 2010’s return of Lilith Fair. I attended the fest with my sister, had backstage access, and got to meet Sarah McLachlan! I attended the press conference, where a panel of the artists answered questions from fancy pro journalists and even us bloggers. While I was psyched to see the Indigo Girls and Court Yard Hounds (been a Dixie Chicks fan for eons), there were a few new artists who really stood out with their independent fun personalities, and one was Lissie. After the press conference, my sister and I went to buy a beer in GA and Lissie ended up in line behind us. Of course, we asked for a picture, and loved her down to earth, friendly self. Since then, Lissie has been on my radar and I gotta say I love her new album, Back to Forever.

And when I heard her song, Shameless, though it’s about her and the music industry, it really made me think of the current world of fashion and personal style blogging (not like it was back in 2010!).
And so I dedicate this song to my blogging sisters, and to all you women who are in a similar situation. Be true to yourself, you’re not the only one feeling the pressure. Together we can make a change, together we can let brands and the media know we won't sell our souls.
I don't want to be famous If I got to be shameless If you don't know what my name is, name is So what, so what? I don't know what this game is Cause I'm not even playing it You don't know what my name is, name is So what, so what?
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