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Inspirational Women in the World of Travel, Kimberly Cohen Shares Her 5 Things

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
Inspirational Women in the World of Travel, Kimberly Cohen shares her 5 things


Kimberly Cohen is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Maisons Pariente, a boutique luxury hotel collection in France. Not allowing Covid-19 to get in the way, Maisons Pariente has big plans for the future, including a new hotel opening in Paris in 2022. Along with her father and sister, Kimberley has made it her mission to provide hotels that feel like your home away from home with warmth and attentive, but discreet service - the epitome of luxury. Kimberley's passion for hospitality has meant that she continues to find ways to improve the hotels, including refurbishments, new spa partnerships, experiences and more - all while welcoming a baby girl to the world at the end of 2020! With Kimberley's drive and passion, there is no doubt that great things are to come with Maisons Pariente. Watch this space.

Kimberley's 5 top tips for entrepreneurial success Names of 5 women who inspire Kimberley the most
  • Always challenge yourself
  • Surround yourself with the right people / Talent
  • Do not put anything off until tomorrow if you can do them today
  • Accept you will make mistakes and learn from them
  • Learn how to delegate best and make use of your time
  • Edith Eger : I recently read her book " The Choice " which really inspired me. She had a very difficult life but decided to take charge of it and not be seen as a victim.
  • Simone Weil : she fought for women rights in France.
  • Nathalie Balla : A few years after the group Kering transferred the shares of LA REDOUTE to her and her partner they redressed the company and successfully implemented a new strategy, developing the e-shop and saving thousands of jobs.
  • Juliette Levy : the founder of Oh My Cream a young flourishing start up that is quickly developing
  • My mother, Joelle Pariente, she inspires me to always do better and ask myself the right questions, to never be satisfied, and always want more.

Kimberley's favourite saying/inspirational quote "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

Inspirational Women in the World of Travel, Kimberly Cohen shares her 5 things

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