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By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
I thought I would wait for a few days to pass before I scramble another blogger article 'cause after all everything should be about quality and not quantity but I guess I can do it both.
Today we're gonna talk a bit about inspirational people, until today I never thought I'd write about stuff like this but in the name of the greater good I thought people should know about people who not only inspired me but made me smile in tough times.
Inspirational PeopleI'm a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres and I watch a lot of her YouTube Channel videos and one of them would introduce to us an amazing person, Joshua Johnson who is giving life a lesson and not the other way around.
He's a college student trying to make his ends meet, he's studying Communications and Marketing, he's double-majoring, but studying would cost him a lot more than he initially thought. He applied to all the possible scholarships and still not be covered.
Than he thought out of the box, he had talents that he'd bring to good use and try to earn some money off of it - as Ellen said "he tap dances his way to a scholarship". He got through humiliation and timidity, he brought his talent to New York subway and in weekend he would dance for five hours just to scramble some money to pay his bills, tuition and help his mom who lives in a shelter.
Tap dancing every weekend not only helps him but also helps other people by making them smile like crazy, when I saw this video I smiled like no one was around, I had a smile like I've slept with a hanger in my mouth :D He's amazing, he's been bullied in the subway while dancing and he found an amazing creative way to fight against it.
In the video below watch and listen he's full story, he's sitting down with Ellen and tells his story and he tells it in a way like nothing bad ever happened to him, he's one the most positive people I've seen. And as always Ellen has a gift for him to make his life easier. Watch and find out what that is.
Be inspired and inspire everyday.
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