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Inside True Blood Blog: Janina Gavankar Dishes About Season 5!

Posted on the 18 May 2012 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

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Gianna Sobol recently had a chat with Janina Gavankar (Luna) for the Inside True Blood Blog. During it they discuss what’s in store for Luna in season 5, her relationship with Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), the Authority, and how she would sum up the season.

When asked about what Luna is facing this season, Janina says it’s not just the loss of her child’s father (Daniel Buran) but a lot of things and it gets more and more complicated.  But as for Luna’s relationship with Sam, Janina is sure it’s the real thing even if her character isn’t:

“Do I, Janina, think so? YES! I LOVE them together. Finally, a not-so-effed-up shifter who understands her and will adore her for her, drama and all. Does Luna think so? I think she’s a cautious and smart momma. She’s not trying to run to the altar again anytime soon.”

As for how Janina likes to prepare for a scene, she says it really depends on what the scene calls for:

“It depends on the material at hand. If it’s a morose moment, I have to keep myself in a certain headspace, to be able to burst into tears, or have the character on the verge, because I don’t snap into that place easily. Otherwise, I like to have a lot of fun on set. I don’t hang out in my trailer all day. I’d rather crack jokes with the crew. I was just saying to Sam last week, I think I’ve talked to him in silly voices MORE than I’ve talked to him in my normal voice since I’ve met him.”

In terms of what she loves about Luna, it’s her protectiveness when it comes to people she loves. But on the other had her skepticism is something Janina doesn’t like as much. While she understands it sometimes she just wants her character to be happy.

When asked about whether the vampire Authority will affect the shifters Janina remained tight-lipped and said that they would eventually affect the whole planet. But for the moment, the shifters have something else to deal with.

This season wasn’t just all about playing Luna however. Janina also had fun filling in for other cast members at table reads among other things:

Your text, asking me if I’d read Sookie at a table read. Anna couldn’t make it, so I gave it a go. Somewhere along the way I started finding the rhythm and melody to the way Sookie speaks. Sheer fun. Ooo! And wandering the lot after a fitting and meeting the wolf wranglers. They showed me two lil’ baby wolf pups in a cage!

And how would Janina describe True Blood season 5 in one word?

 OMFG… that’s kinda one word, right?”

What do you think of what Janina had to say? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Inside True Blood Blog.com- “Janina on Luna”

Image Credit: Mark Sullivan, Getty Images

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