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Inside Bloggers Brains Day After Day Working Hard

By Lisa @Lisapatb
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What’s Inside Bloggers Brains Today?

The bloggers brains are always thinking. It takes a lot of thinking to blog and continue to blog day after day. Just the writing alone can take a lot of brain power. So does the layout and technical aspects of blogging too. Many bloggers struggle each day to write new content while others struggle with their blog layouts or finding the perfect piece of creative to make their posts stand out. Each day a blogger learns something new as the online world changes constantly. Bloggers brains have to keep up with social media and SEO to be able to survive blogging today.

bloggers brains

Blogging Today

There are over 100 million bloggers today that are competing for attention online. One cannot blog mindlessly to compete and survive another day or week blogging.  One really has think either creativity or systematically to continue their blogging journey. The brain of bloggers must continue expand to do this.

Your Blogging Brain

Do these images in the infographic below remind you of yourself as a blogger? Which part of a bloggers brain works the hardest for you? I know for me it is the technical stuff that really stretches my brain out. I have to learn something new each time some technical aspect of the blog is not working properly. (If you are blogging alreaady you know it will eventually happen from time to time. If you are new to blogging give yourself patience when this does happen.)

Technical Glitches

You may have noticed the CommentLuv links in your comments have not been working the past 2 posts. I’ve been in touch with Andy Bailey about it. Even my tech king Mayura was not able to figure this one out yet. (It’s the first time I’ve had him stumped but he is looking at it as I finish this post and probably will figure it out shortly.) A few other bloggers too have had this issue recently with the CommentLuv Premium. I’m really hoping this technical issue gets resolved today before my brain explodes from trying to figure it out!  

Enjoy the infographic on bloggers brains.

The Brain of the Blogger
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Does Your Blogging Make Your Brain Work Extra Hard?

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