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Ink And Inherent Rhythm Of Hongkong Post

By Tobeontheroad
As I was walking on the streets of Hongkong I noticed a young lady holding a lot of covers and was walking before me.I thought that she must be taking the parcel to deliver to a courier company.But she separated the parcels and dropped them in a post box.In this fast changing world with courier companies mushrooming and giving a door service to its clients the lady's action surprised me.After that incident I started looking for Post boxes in the streets and found Hongkongers use this facility at ease like I did when I was 15 years old..
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Established in 1841 Hongkong Post enjoys a proud heritage and a long history for serving  the local community well.Hongkong Post handles 3.6 Million pieces every day.Some senders provide literal translations,some create their acronyms which makes it difficult for the 5000 pieces left undelivered by the post man in a day.The astonishing fact is that they do not have a postal code till now.The post boxes here have been repainted from Royal Red to present Green after handing over the Island from British in 1997 and  only 59 colonial post boxes with Royal Signia is still found in Hongkong and they expect to reduce as time fathoms.

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