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[INFOGRAPHIC]: What Type of Facebook User Are You?

By Sillymummy @silly_mummy

So I’m a frequent flyer on Facebook. I’m not ashamed. It’s a tool built for socialising and keeping in touch with the people who matter. I share photos and I’m careful who I share them with. I make lists and update relatives and close friends with my most intimate news. With others, I share my rants or naughty jokes.

From my Facebook Friends List, I can tell who’s on which mark of the spectrum (the nutcase, the snob, the princess, the mummy’s boy, the timid, the emo and the one on their high horse).  I could make a organisational chart style poster but I won’t.

I’ve met almost all of the people on my Facebook Friends List. The ones I’m yet to meet are my cousins and my husband’s relatives and their spouses. We keep in touch so that one day we can finally meet. Oh and there’s also a couple of people that connect with me for work purpose. They’re on my Acquaintances list, they only see general announcements like “I got a new job!” sort of messages.

I fell upon this infographic recently and thought I’d share with you. It lists the 9 Types of Facebook User. I feel this is rather an unfinished list as I don’t see myself fitting in this. I’m an active sharer but I don’t over-share photos or my location. I speak my mind but I can also be very private. I’m not new and I don’t stalk. Most definitely I don’t play games on Facebook nor do I post my milestones.

What about you? Do you see yourself on this list?

The 9 Types of Facebook User

Source: Optify

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