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Infogasm! Mobile Marketing For Small Business (Infographic)

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Cr8inc @CR8inc

Why Your Business needs a mobile marketing plan

Everything is going mobile. Mobile marketing is not the ne all, end all to your small business marketing efforts but it should be something that you are considering if you want your small business to stay relevant in the coming years. There are a ton of new technoloigies out there that are helping small businesses maximize their manpower and streamline their marketing and advertising efforts. One of the most popular methods out there is SMS marketing or mobile text message marketing. This technology allows you to communicate and engage with your audience right on their phone. 

One of the problems with taking your marketing mobile is that you run the risk of bombarding or spamming your audience with your message that they tune you out entirely. I guess that is the case with all marketing efforts but more-so with mobile marketing campaigns because your delivery method is sacred to the user. The cell phone has become the indespensible accessory that no one leaves home without. As you develop your small business mobile marketing strategy you need to be sure that you keep this in mind. 

There are all sorts of multichannel marketing platforms out there that allow you to send SMS marketing messages to your customers and prospects but it is important to understand the value of building a loyal opt-in membership base to these methods of communication. It will take you longer to build these lists from scratch but in the long run they will be more effective since the people on them will actually be interested in the messages and content you send them. I would trade 50 engaged users for a thousand users that are on some list because they gave me thier business card at a networking event. 

The mobile marketing infographic below shows the prevalence of mobile devices, how they are used and why your small business needs a mobile marketing plan to stay ahead of the curve. Its no longer about sending your message out to the masses. It is now about engaging users at a more intimate level and delivering content that they appreciate and want to share or engage with. 

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