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Influence of Spanish Language in Miami

By Tlb
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Often you’ve read in our articles that learners in general are encouraged to learn English in Miami. Naturally, English is Miami’s native language which makes the city a primary choice for English language learning. Besides, Miami has established prominent language institutions that proved to be excellent in equipping learners with the idiom. They have been consistent in carrying such recognition.

Speaking of consistency, English language schools may have been constant with their goal to teach English; but I have found out that during 2008, the English language seemed to have been “set aside” and another foreign language– which is Spanish language basically– ruled over the tongues of the people in Miami. Posted by MSNBC last May 29 2008, the number of Spanish speakers increased up to 58.5%. It was somehow a threat among the English speakers since some of them feel like “marginalized”.

When the article was posted, Spanish became a predominant language in various areas in Miami, even to the extent of replacing English out of the picture. In the streets, businesses, employments– anywhere, Spanish was the language spoken by almost everyone. Those who were natively-born English speakers were compelled to learn Spanish because they had a hard time looking for a job. It was a requirement for them to learn language like Spanish, or else, they would feel “deprived” or “left behind”.

Of course, the common English speakers reacted to such social dilemma. In fact, it has affected so much that it caused difficulties on both sides. Basically, relationships seem have a friction due to miscommunication. Language barriers seem to sneak in cause hardships among personal or even employment relationships, and it really affected the people in Miami during that time.

Hearing how a foreign language overpowers the native one is not new as far as history is concerned. But, observing how Spanish language greatly penetrated a metropolitan English-speaking city like Miami isn’t it amazing how it could still be possible even in these modern times?

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