Infinitely Embarassing

Posted on the 05 May 2018 by Sabariganeshb

Infinity War Spoilers ahead

I got bored with super hero movies. I really liked Spider man in 2003 when I was just ten years old and that was my first super hero movie. I was interested in this genre until Avengers arrived in 2012. And then I lost interest in witnessing the collateral damage induced by our super heroes across American cities but still kept watching because of the exaggerated emotions of hard core purposeless and meaningless Marvel fans around me.

And now I am introduced to Avengers Infinity War after watching Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther in a short period of six months. I resisted and kept myself away from this another piece of collateral damage for a week. But witnessing the hype I rather reluctantly decided to watch it yesterday to figure out the intergalactic shit in the movie that was responsible for the hype.

After watching the movie and patiently waiting for the end credits scene, I earnestly wanted the bald purple dude with large chin called Thanos to come to India. I was wondering why this gigantic idiot was traveling galaxies in search of infinity stones whereas he can get many such colorful stones in India sold at jewelry shops, roadside carts and sometimes sold with divine powers stuffed into them at exorbitant rates by Babas and God men.

But Infinity war was a bit different this time. They brought in a powerful villain with ambiguous aim of bringing balance to the Universe. Half of the Avengers fate is unknown and many of the Marvel fans were heartbroken after the climax. After acquiring infinity stones, how the giant purple dude was able to do what he wanted to do in a snap of finger is still unknown to even the brightest minds of science. What was his calculation and probability to select that particular half who was to be perished? And why was our ensemble team of Avengers always trying to fight him with their mighty powers instead of chopping off his left hand at one go. When did these idiots lose their mind?

I don’t know whether to appreciate the stupidity of our Avengers who can come up with witty one line jokes when thousands of people are dying around them. Don’t they have any compassion for the dead and suffering? And of course all the intergalactic heroes, villains, living beings, aliens and their henchmen can speak fluent English with almost same accent.

And there are people who console me saying “Come on dude! It’s just a movie. Just for entertainment. Why want you look deep into the logic?” OK.. Agreed. But I am not ready to keep my senses and wisdom aside for 2.40 hours to bear the insane stupidity after paying hard earned 200 rupees. And one of my friends said “I can have a pizza for that money”. Now, I feel hungry and I want to eat pizza.

Author is a movie buff who crossed threshold limits of patience in superhero genre and still considers The Dark Knight as the greatest super hero movie. Thoughts expressed above are personal and no intention to hurt sentiments of Marvel fans. Author really loved Thanos very much.

Image by Eman Rahman

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