Inferno – The Hell

Posted on the 27 March 2020 by Views She Writes @ViewsSheWrites

He woke up with a jolt. This definitely was one of the most terrifying dream he ever had. In the dream, he was in hell. He was lying down on a slab which was so hot he could feel his flesh melting.

His feet were being painfully pierced with pointed objects. His arms were being pulled apart from his body. He was in so much pain that he thought he might pass out because of it. Among all this, he could hear the Devil laughing maniacally around him.

The cold sweat which woke him up was still fresh on his face as he heaved a sigh of relief. It was just a dream. He was safe.

But the moment he had that thought, he heard a sound which brought back the cold dread all over again but with much more intensity than from his dream. At that time, he would have given anything to be away from this place. He wouldn’t have even minded going back and actually living that dream, if he could get away from the origin of this sound.

But he couldn’t avoid his wife’s screeching noise asking him to get up and put the garbage out and other menial tasks.

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