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Indoor Plants

By Danielcarruthers

House plants looking healthy in a conservatory


Left – Sweetheart Plant – this is really easy to grow
Upper Middle – Begonia from Dibleys of Ruthin
Far Right – Ginseng Ficus from Ikea, in an old terracotta pot
Lower Left – I don’t remember. Anyone know ?
Lower Middle – Silver Crown.
Watering can by Hawes.

Green is recognised for it’s calming effect and I can think of no better way of introducing some calm into our hectic lives than by the addition of a few house plants. The various shades of green afforded by leaves add texture and interest to spaces and can transform an ordinary space into an exceptional one. This is the conservatory at the back of our house being put to good use. Come rain or shine I can satisfy my instinct to nurture a few plants and the reward is a healthy mix of plants to relax around.  It’s a great space to read the paper and particularly restful with the rain pattering on the roof.

200 square meter living wall

It’s little surprise  that plants play such a key role for businesses in attracting customers as well as keeping the them happy and healthy. This living wall in Anthropologie, London, is a 200 square meter focal point for the shop spanning three floors. Irrigated by rainwater the wall contains fourteen different types of plants. No wander the staff are always smiling.

looking up at the living wall from ground floor

Finally here’s another living wall spotted in a lighting shop in Munich. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale !

living wall in showroom

© Daniel Carruthers

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