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Indoor Herb Garden: Everything You Need to Know

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: indoor herb garden styling tipsThe holiday season means it's time for lots of holiday cooking!
Frequent trips to the grocery store are a must for big family dinners.
Having our loved ones together is great, but the excess gas and ingredients around this time does tend to pile up.
Fortunately, there are a few ways to save some time and money: growing your own food!
Of course, starting a garden now is cutting it close since we're so close to the different holidays.
An indoor herb garden, however, is one alternative which grows fast and adds value to your meals!
Herbs are great because they help add natural flavor to your meals without having to pile on too much salt or other flavorings.
This makes your meals a little healthier, and cuts down on other ingredients!
Herbs also grow fast and are easy to grow. You just need to remember to water them about once a week, and give them lots of light.
The best part about growing your own herbs at home is you can add them while they're at their freshest. Fresh herbs are much more flavorful than dried or refrigerated herbs.
ProFlowers created a guide to help you create your own garden for homegrown herbs.
This guide includes tips for the best herbs to grow indoors and styling ideas for your herb garden.
You can keep an herb garden along your windowsill for easy access to light or you can hang them along a kitchen wall to save space on your counter.
Take a look at their tips below to see how you can start your own indoor herb garden.
Image: indoor herb garden care guide

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