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Indie Designer Interview: Carousel Ink’s Autumn, Celena, and Martin!

By Popthreads @popthreads

I first came across Carousel Ink looking for leggings. I happen to have a soft spot for bright magenta and mermaid scales. Soon after, I fell for their fun, carnival vibe, Victorian images, and the the way they add fairy tale imagery to modern apparel. And that’s why we were really pleased when the trio of Autumn, Celena, and Martin agreed to tackle our oh-so-tough interview questions!

Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. Let’s start off with a pretty simple question: Where’d you first get the ideas for the items in your line Carousel Ink?

We’re 3 good friends with lots of ideas who thought fashion was a good place to express them. Autumn Walters is the designer and Martin Obakke the artist while Celena Cavala helps with both and takes care of customers and online presence.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned running your company + brand?

We’ve learned that selling online requires the best customer service possible, amazing presentation, interesting and cohesive pictures and of course a well designed piece of wearable Art, for a good price.

Can you describe your design process? How do you choose materials + get started?

The design process starts with the Art and then we match it to bodies and then we choose fabrics accordingly, sew and then photograph.

There’s a sustainable + green trend in fashion these days. What do you think about that? Political correctness, PR stunts, or is there something to it…?

We’re all about it! We’re life long vegetarians and anywhere we can we make ‘green’ decisions we do. From making everything locally, here in the U.S. to biodegradable packaging, it is something important to us.


Who are some of your inspirations + other favorite designers…?

Nature and the Invisible world are continuous inspirations to us. Different time periods are also influences as well as Art.

I’ve always enjoyed the “famous” Proust Questionnaire. So I pulled a few of my favorites for you to answer

What is your current state of mind? Happy and excited about the new year of the dragon! Celena & Autumn are both dragons*}

What is your favorite occupation? Being Independent artists & designers.

What is your most treasured possession?

Autumn: her wolamute, Nikko
Celena: my Victorian loft!
Martin: Has none.

What is your greatest extravagance? Traveling!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Celena: Living in Europe for 13 years and learning Danish & Italian.
Martin: Making a living having fun making Art.

Beware of sparkly things.

What is your motto?

Celena: Beware of sparkly things.

Where would you like to live?

Autumn: Boulder Creek, CA
Celena: Savannah, GA
Martin: Outside.

Alright, nearly done. 2012 has just started. What are your plans for your brand this year? To keep doing what we’re doing!

Last, we love to hear about music. So, do you have a favorite soundtrack + album to work to…? Celena loves listening to old time spooky radio stories & ragtime in the morning while Martin doesn’t like anything too imposing. For Autumn, anything from death metal to dead can dance! We all agree on this last one;)

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