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Indianapolis Veg Fest

By Vanessa @forvegetables

veg fest

I had to share a photo of my plate from the recent Indianapolis Veg Fest. The food was incredible. You pay Indianapolis Veg Society, like, $12 and in return they fill your plate with options from local restaurants around Indy. There was a bakery, cafe, Indian restaurant, and a few others represented at the event. I can’t even remember but I do remember how delicious it was. The seaweed salad was a first for me and I was very brave chomping through it but it probably was my least favorite item on the plate. The favorite? The chocolate cupcake. But you probably could have guessed that. The curries were good too, though, if you want to talk about the healthier options.

The best part of all: I felt great after this meal. Normally when you splurge on a giant plate of unfamiliar foods you almost can’t walk afterwards. This food was so light and healthy that I felt fabulous after. That must be a good sign!

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