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Indiana Children Dropping Like Flies

Posted on the 25 July 2011 by Mikeb302000 reports on the disgraceful situation in the Hoosier State. Four dead kids in the last month. And what's the problem?  Well, here it is.
Guy Relford, president of Tactical Firearms Training, LLC, said Indianapolis recently privatized the firing range on weekends and asked TFT to help with the program.
"If (parents) are going to have firearms in their home, those kids need to be talked to. They need to be educated, and most importantly, the guns need to be inaccessible to anyone who's not trained with a firearm," Relford said.
The "most importantly" part always comes after the "kids need to be educated" part. What is wrong with these people? Two to five-year-old kids CANNOT BE EDUCATED. They cannot be "trained" in order to make them safe around guns.
There's only one single answer. Guns need to be inaccessible to kids, period. Mr. Relford needs to drop all the gun-rights and NRA bullshit about training the kids and get his priorities straight. Gun availability to kids, is killing kids.
Another shooter quoted in the video said you need to find "the balance between having your gun ready to use when you need it and having it safe when you have children around." Wrong. There is no balance here. Guns need to be absolutely totally, inaccessible to children. End of story.
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