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INDIAN - From All Purity

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Ripplemusic
INDIAN - From All Purity
Let me start by saying from the first f*cking Note hit to start off  Chicago based  Doom Nihilist Indian's  new Album "From All Purity" my Jaw hit the Floor. The overwhelming heaviness came without warning and nothing could stop this sonic freight train.  this Album is So heavy Buzz-saw bass, Sludgy guitars  and Vocals that remind me of things Ive only heard in my darkest Nightmares.
This was a great arrangement of tracks they seem to melt into one another seamlessly . Track one "Rape" opens with a huge slow pounding Super distorted sound with over laid noise on top of an already viscous sound. , Track two "The impetus Bleeds" Gives you a feedback swell into Riffs with more of a melodic feel to it there is also a ultra creepy ghostly sound that fades in and out kinda hard to describe but very spooky.I was surprised the riffs are a lot more layered then you first catch on which gives you Unexpected melodies. , Track Three "Directional "is a more traditional track slow heavy rinse repeat riff for six and a half minutes or so that never gets boring. Track four "Rhetoric of no" kinda has a a old school Today is the day in the Eyes of god feel with a modern spin in the beginning and is definitively the most up beat song on the album. 1:49 mark  the bottom falls out and it goes Low and slow and there is not much you can do to be heavier than this Track five "Clarify" is more of just a noise track. But it builds up to the Last track  " Disambiguation" It's deliberately less chaotic opening Harshly beautiful riff continues to guide you with the sound of torment and despair. The Gloom through out this track is a very appropriate ending to a great record.
In Conclusion if you are into Doom.. There is nothing about this record that is not to love. It is a non stop Audio assault from start to finish. Like Buzzov'en's at a loss and Eyehategods "Southern Discomfort there is a certain sadness to this music. Indian has harnessed it and delivered it on this record. I really wish I would have heard of these guys sooner then now. I am definitely gonna hit up my favorite local record store and pick up some of their vinyl soon.
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