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India - Menstrual Blood Banking - Scope and Future

Posted on the 11 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
India - Menstrual Blood Banking - Scope and Futurejust heard about this story (from India) where they're storing menstrual blood because it's high in STEM CELLS that 'have the ability to multiply and differentiate into any kind of cells'.
Earlier, blood from umbilical cord was regarded as the ultimate reserve for stem cells. 
Only those who have given birth at anytime of their life were able to preserve the stem cells as they were obtained from umbilical cord.  
But researchers have now discovered and successfully harvested stem cells from menstrual blood making it possible for all the women including those who have never given birth to preserve stem cells for themselves.  
The discovery of stem cells in the menstrual blood has given a new meaning to menstruation for women who earlier considered menstruation as nothing but a painful and necessary evil.

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Forget throw-away tampons and towels, the next ultra-cool vampire-fetish chic-accoutrement The Menstrual Blood Collector Valve. Tap the black flow and sell that shit, to Science, FOR PROFIT.
Maybe a high-tech gadget or 'jewellery' that actually shows you and your family, friends and colleagues, over the course of your Period, just how much money you'll make this month off that lucrative stem-cell source.
You The People are the living Fuel of Industry, once more; an accountable asset: endentured chattel.
Women, are you ashamed at your continued prostitutional exploitation yet?

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