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Independent Women and the Sexual Revolution

Posted on the 31 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Independent Women and the Sexual Revolution

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Women of today are socially and sexually independent; there’s no question about that. With laws that have made us equal to men in essentially every which way, shows such as Girls and Sex and the City spurring on our sexually liberated appetites, and women of high standing integrated in every major company, corporation, and political force in existence, women of today are more empowered and autonomous than ever. The stereotype of the independent woman is huge, publicized as a type of individual who takes control of her sex life, professional ventures, and mental health. If she wants to be promiscuous with men and focus on work, then she will. She doesn’t wait or put her life on pause for anyone, especially men. The new empowerment and influence women are feeling is different. It’s given us all new outlooks and altered our society. It’s radical and beneficial to us, this change we’re experiencing. After all, not everyone wants to be a stay at home mom, or even marry in the end. But could the way women are living now, taking on these personas as independent individuals, have a negative effect in the long run? When it comes to relationships, possibly.

Though this new vision of becoming strong and successful women with absolutely no draws has done wonders for professional lives and the mentalities of women all over, it could be negatively affecting romance. Since society now accepts the idea of independent women, we’ve used it to our advantage. When it comes to men, there’s no longer scandal tied to brash hookups and friends-with-benefits arrangements. Men have been doing it without much criticism for centuries, and now women can do it without society’s glaring eye too. It’s almost like women have taken a vengeance, getting back at men who put themselves in control over our sex in the past. King Henry VIII doesn’t have anything on some of the man-eaters of today. And though this new power is seductive in nature, this idea of being in control when it comes to sex and men, it’s also given many different outlooks on relationships and dating.

There’s no question that there are less successful marriages and relationships today than there have been in the past. As a young woman in college, I can definitely attest to this. Many of the men and women of today are now placated with hookups and hookup buddies, getting the physical benefits of a relationship without the emotional strain. Though I applaud women for taking a stand and am myself attempting to live up to the strong woman persona (avid reader of Cosmopolitan, the ultimate independent woman’s guide), it is certainly hard to find strong relationships nowadays. It’s not that this change is bad, but it is affecting romance. Hooking up is the new thing. It saves people the emotional hurt and baggage that comes with many relationships. But it could aslo be keeping us from something more.

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and am in no way criticizing women of today as being skanky or out of line. I’m merely pointing out the changes that I, and many others, have witnessed. Women and men are now prompting each other with their sexually liberated attitudes, making hooking up rampant. It’s a change for the world of women, society, and most of all, relationships. It’s radical and different, assuredly making our ancestors turn in their graves with this new sexual revolution.

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