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Incredible Story of Those Crafty Termites.

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

Incredible story of those crafty termites.

As good as you may think you are, termites are probably better! What’s that you say, no way. Termites have been working out their problems over the last 250 million years and what do we do but build houses (wood) right on top of their homes. If you give them an inch they will certainly take it and that is evident of the picture posted below.

2013 01 109512 2.32.00 300x225 Incredible story of those crafty termites.

You never know how or where they will enter a home and you almost have to play detective to understand and eventually solve the problem. So be prepared to investigate and you will be rewarded with the clues to solve the dilemma for the customer.

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