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Incorporation of Moral Science in School Syllabus

By The Shri Ram School
The amalgamation of morals, manners, and value life skills together are called moral science or value education. Education of moral values helps in building a strong character among students. Inculcating moral values among students is very important as moral education prepares them for their future life. All the best schools in Delhi promotes the inculcation of moral education among their students. 
Besides regular studies, games, and co-curricular activities, moral science is also important for the holistic development of the student. Giving them a good shape, moral values teaches students how to respond to various life ordeals. Moral education is required to be inculcated into people of all generations, and among them, children, especially because their minds, are still developing and whatever we teach them at this age leaves a lifelong impression in their minds. Teachers have a lot of impact on their students, they play a crucial role in shaping the minds and thoughts of their students. It also comes as a teacher's responsibility to build a strong moral base in their students.
Moral education includes the basic principles of truthfulness, honesty, sympathy, love, kindness, hospitality, tolerance, and charity. These principles give one the ability to make the right decisions in life and allow them to walk on the right path in life. Education should not solely be about obtaining a degree but should also be aimed at imbibing the necessary value based teachings among students. Moral education also helps with character building and social improvement of the student.
These days witnessing students engaging in undesirable behavior like cheating in exams or bullying their peers is not a rare sight. Lack of moral values results in the development of such ill-habits among students where they don't know how to confront situations like decision making, opinion-making, pursuing the right course of action in life. To prevent the development of such habits in students and to foster a holistic personality development of students, schools should initiate the incorporation of valuable lessons in the school curriculum.
The onset of urbanization and modernization is resulting in degradation of society values day by day. Individuals are losing trust among their friends and family. Feelings like trust, love, integrity, and brotherhood are collapsing and losing their importance. In such times, teaching students moral education becomes necessary so that they grow up to become kind, trustworthy, generous, and polite human beings. Teachers should teach their students to support and be co-operative with their peers and work united to achieve the common goal of a better society. In this industrialized era, parents often get to spend less time with their kids and hence it comes as a school responsibility to fill the void and teach their students to differentiate between right and wrong. After all, the kids are the future and are capable to build a reformed society.

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