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Inc and the Los Angeles Times Weigh in on the New Gtlds

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains


More and more non domaining publications continue to come out with stories about the new gtlds.  As we get closer to new strings being available to register many want to cover the upcoming release.

Inc Magazine came out with an article, that kind of looked at it with start ups in mind, from the article:

Critics argue that the added gTLDs could spur mass confusion, while supporters suggest it could help small businesses stand out without having to wield inanely long Web addresses or gobeldygook names. Just think of the potential for startups, alone.

If you wanted to launch a site called or JerseyShoreBeachRental.beach you can.

There were attempts to widen the landscape in the past, but for the most part they didn’t stick. Domain names like .biz, and .mobi, for instance, barely took off–usually because marketers weren’t interested. But the need and argument to create more gTLDs gained steam in recent years, as the push to launch added sites has intensified.

They also got some misperceptions writing the following, If however you’re unwilling to pay the piper for customization, you will be able to purchase second-level domains, at a price of less than $10 each.

There are going to be many extensions that cost much more than $10, the public cannot be reading stories that all these new extensions are going to be less than $10. Handbags.Luxury for example will be somewhere in the $799.

From 101

Price and Requirements for .luxury Domains

  • 1 Year Registration780.00 USD
  • 2 Years Registration1,528.80 USD
  • 3 Years Registration2,269.80 USD
  • 4 Years Registration2,995.20 USD
  • 5 Years Registration3,705.00 USD
  • 6 Years Registration4,399.20 USD
  • 7 Years Registration5,077.80 USD
  • 8 Years Registration5,740.80 USD
  • 9 Years Registration6,388.20 USD
  • 10 Years Registration7,020.00 USD

The Los Angeles Times is also out with a story on the new gtlds, they got some quotes from Mike Mc Laughlin from Go Daddy.

The vast majority will sell for $10 to $40 a year, although there will be some that command a premium price such as those containing .luxury, which will cost at least $800 when it becomes available this year, said Mike McLaughlin, vice president and general manager of domains at GoDaddy.

Others will start off in the thousands of dollars to take advantage of initial demand before being lowered in price.

GoDaddy is expecting a rush of buyers and already has 25 extensions available for preregistration. So far, “thousands and thousands” of people have preregistered, with .guru and .photography endings being the most popular, McLaughlin said.

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