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Inbound Marketing In Action, LaserRite and CR8inc Join Forces

Posted on the 21 August 2012 by Cr8inc @CR8inc

LaserRite and CR8inc Join Forces

In this segment of Building an Empire I talk about our newest client.

Follow us on our journey as we change the world.

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Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. I am sure that you will agree that no successful business can expect to dominate the market overnight. People often use the term overnight success to describe a new up and coming company but they rarely take in to consideration the work that is taking place behind the scene. Success, after all, is when preparation meets opportunity. Today, that preparation has paid off for my little marketing start up which puts me one step closer to realizing my dream and leaving my imprint on this world.
After months of talks and negotiations LaserRite Business Systems has joined forces with CR8inc to re-brand and market their company in a whole new way. Marketing as an industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. The old "status qou" of big budget advertising and marketing strategies is going by the wayside and being replaced with a more intimate, and social approach to building your brand awareness. This new shift in marketing is referred to as inbound marketing and CR8inc is at the forefront of inbound marketing strategies in Sarasota and Bradenton.
Inbound Marketing will allow LaserRite to understand their customers on a whole new level. They will be able to monitor and analyze every interaction that their customers have with them from visiting their website, interacting with them on a social network or reading an email. Imagine if you will a tool that allows you to be the "Google" for your clients product and research needs. If when someone wants to know something about the product or industry you represent they?don't?think of going anywhere else to look for it other than your company website.

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Leveraging your blogging efforts, building your social media presence and search engine optimization are all important parts of a strong inbound marketing strategy but how do you tie it all together? How do you know that what you are doing is working and then focus on what is working while shifting away from things that are not as effective? Its actually quite easy, you use a tool like HubSpot marketing automation software to bring all the pieces together and analyze the results. Of course, software is nothing without someone to implement and drive the campaign which is where CR8inc comes in.
I applaud LaserRite in their forward vision as we embark on this business relationship together. Our partnership and content based marketing strategy will surely set LaserRite apart from the competition and expand their market reach. Their decision to take a leap of faith in a company with not much more than a fireball of passion to lead them on this journey is one that I wont take lightly. I have been working towards this vision for almost three years now, putting the pieces in place, learning and being humbled. Over the last four months that dream is finally taking shape and becoming a reality. When it is all said and done I am sure it will all make for one hell of a story but for now I have work to do.
CR8inc is a full service, inbound marketing firm focused on helping businesses grow. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business get to the next level send us an email [email protected] or leave us a comment and we will get back to you right away.

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