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In Which I Show My Princess Colours

By Eemusings @eemusings
Top sirloin steak topped with an onion ring

THIS here is a good steak. Image via Wikipedia

These holidays I’m republishing some old posts that newer readers might have missed first time around. Enjoy!

I’ve always thanked my lucky stars that I have no food allergies, nor do I have any specific dietary requirements. That makes things a lot easier in the E/T household. We eat together and we generally eat the same things – no separate meals required.

The only thing is, I’m getting a lot pickier. I’m getting a bit more high-maintenance. As in, I cannot bring myself to eat cheap tuna (it’s mushy, watery and generally foul). Cheap ice cream tastes less like dairy and more like fake to me. And I’ve always been selective about the kinds of meat I eat, but these days I’m a total gourmet diva when it comes to choosing cuts. Sadly, our budget doesn’t stretch to rib eye or T-bone. It barely stretches to beef mince, the way things are going.

I definitely don’t plan on starting to cook separately, but I do think certain meals are going to take a little more thought (either that or I’ll just eat more breakfast for dinner). If he wants marinated tenderised steak (the kind that comes in $20 packs) or ribs, or pork, then I’ll have a tiny piece with tons of veggies.

Have your tastes grown more discerning with age? Ever have dining clashes with your housemates?

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